Choosing the right lingerie: how to go about it?


In the field of lingerie, there are a multitude of choices, especially in terms of shape or model. Underwear is available in all imaginable materials and colors. However, the choice of lingerie can be learned. We will show you how to choose the right lingerie.

Choosing the right lingerie: the bra

It is important to choose the right bras to be able to showcase your breasts. The ideal bra should firstly depend on the body type of the person who is going to wear it. As each woman has a different morphology, it is therefore important that each one knows her chest size as well as the size of her cup.

There are various models of trendy lingerie suitable for each type of breast. In particular, push-up bras are intended for smaller sizes. While triangle bras are suitable for generous breasts.

In addition to choosing the model adjusted to its measurements, it is also necessary that the support can perfectly support the breasts and that it corresponds to the clothes worn. For example, a balconette-shaped underwear is ideal if you want to wear necklines.

Which underwear to choose: panties or thongs?

The thong is now worn by a large majority of women. He is recognizable by his sexy little string. This model is very fashionable and seduces a good number of admirers. However, the thong is described as an uncomfortable model for some.

The panties, in turn, are found to be more comfortable stockings. This model is much more comfortable to wear. Previously considered grandmother’s panties, the panties have been revised and are currently available in different models.

There are certain criteria to take into account to hold the ideal underside. You have to shop according to the shape of your lower body. For idea: the low waist panty is perfect for people with wide hips and fuller thighs. If you have bulging buttocks, you can opt for thong type underwear.

For many women over or under 40, their legs are real assets. Aside from the knees, they’re not prone to aging as quickly and can add a lot of sex appeal to an outfit. Therefore, the general advice for many women over 40 is to show off the legs for a young and trendy appearance. But while it is easy in the summer, it can be difficult for women who get cold easily. Tights are a perfect solution, but how can you wear them while still looking stylish and modern?

Opaque tights: true timeless!

Opaque tights are very trendy and you can have them in all colors. Great neutral colors to own would be black, gray, brown, and navy blue. The trending colors for winter 2018 are burgundy and carbon (both would look fantastic with winter black or white). Above all, be sure to create a good balance with the colors of your outfit.

Transparent tights: for a classy style

Sheer tights look great in black. Fishing net style, is the only way to wear nude tights if you want to create a modern look. Very thin black tights look very stylish with clothes in warm tones like yellow and red.

Patterned and fishnet tights: a touch of originality

Patterned tights: polka dots, stripes, prints,… create an original creative look, while fishnets are chic for the office. The trick to wearing your fishnet tights well: combine them with a skirt, shorts or a dress and a coat. Using patterned tights can look trashy very quickly or draw too much attention to your legs. If you like to use a pattern, you better stick with a subtle palette of one color.

Colored tights: knowing how to play with colors

If you like to use colors, you can do that as long as your tights are in balance with the rest of your outfit. The key is to match the color of your shoes or clothing and not to exceed 3 colors.

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